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Making Mistakes

Join Zaid as he learns to calm his body, focus his attention powers, and overcome his mistakes in this superhero adventure book for children of all ages.

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Meet Zaid

Zaid is a young boy who struggles with slowing down and makes many mistakes in the process. Other kids bully Zaid at school because he is different.

His Speed

Zaid's speed makes it hard for him to focus and he often forgets to follow the rules at school. Can he actually learn from his mistakes?

The Inner Strength Organizer

After receiving help from Dr. Grey, Zaid is given the Inner Strength organizer! With the help of the ISO watch, Zaid is able to master his power, and feel confident in the process!

Help Your Child
Manage Big Feelings

In 12 years of experience as a child and family therapist, I have learned how to write fun children's books that boost self-regulation skills and teach new ways of managing emotions.

Making Mistakes is a great tool for helping to support the emotions of children in a way that's meaningful to them.


I regularly give presentations for children of all ages. These events provide a chance to learn and practice positive coping skills, while also helping kids discover their own personal superhero.

About Vladimir

I've been working as a licensed clinical social worker in the Kansas City area for the last ten years. My mission is to create inclusive literature to increase resiliency and a sense of worth in children.