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It Will Be Okay

Explore the story of Alma, whose superhero journey brings a message of hope in this book about overcoming bullying, anxiety, and fear.

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It Will Be Okay book cover

Peek inside...

Alma sad in corner
Alma is a young girl who struggles with many anxieties and fears.
Limbo laughing
A monster named Limbo controls Alma through her fears and makes her feel miserable...
Alma hero
...but that all changes when Alma discovers the Hope Shield and unlocks the superhero inside of her!
Alma crying
Do you have a child struggling with bullying or who faces challenges with controlling their big emotions ?
if so, this book is for you!

During my career, I have gained over 10 years of valuable experience as a child and family therapist.

This experience gives me unique insight into writing fun stories for kids that help strengthen their self-regulation skills and learn healthy new ways of managing their emotions.


I regularly give interactive presentations for children of all ages. These events provide a chance to learn and practice positive coping skills, while also helping kids discover their own personal superhero.

About Vladimir

Vladimir Sainte
I've been working as a licensed clinical social worker in the greater Kansas City area for the last ten years. My mission is to create inclusive literature to increase resiliency and a sense of worth in children.